argumentative essay using toulmin model

Now that you have had the chance to learn about Toulmin, it's time to see what a Toulmin argument might look like. Below, you'll see a sample argumentative essay, written according to MLA formatting guidelines, with a particular emphasis on Toulmin elements. ..... Thank you for using the Excelsior Online Writing Lab!
Toulmin The Toulmin method, developed by philosopher Stephen Toulmin (pictured on the right), is essentially a structure for analyzing arguments. But the elements for analysis are so clear and structured that many professors now have students write argumentative essays with the elements of the Toulmin method in mind.
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Like “telephone,” students in this activity will work together as a chain to complete a message, or in this case, develop an argument to go along with an enthymeme-style thesis using the Toulmin method. Each student will create a thesis and pass it to the student on his or her right. At the end, we will have as many arguments.
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A good argument using British philosopher Stephen Toulmin's model will include a clear opinion or claim backed by grounds or reasons that support it. ... good fits for a Toulmin argument because they allow you to state your opinion and also have opposing points of view that you can use for the rebuttal portion of the paper.
When you write using the Toulmin Method, you need to be prepared to know and explain every facet of your argument. The goal is to be as detailed and persuasive about your argument as possible, countering opposing views etc. The main elements that are typically included in the Toulmin Method are as follows: Claim: A
Toulmin indicates three major, necessary parts of an argument, along ... Argumentative essays are based on a claim, which almost always falls .... Example. Results are reported with misleading preciseness. Representing 13 out of 19 students as. 68.42 percent. Using the percentage distorts the fact that the actual sampling.
Toulmin Model –. Classical Argumentation. 1. Claim: An explicit statement that firmly claims what side of an issue the author will take/argue. 2. ... preferable, etc. Suggested/Possible Toulmin Essay. Outline: I. Introduction a. Hook audience b. Deliver firm/explicit claim. II. Definition/Historical Context. III. Grounds 1 a. Evidence/
Toulmin Model of Argument: The twentieth-century British philosopher Stephen Toulmin noticed that good, realistic arguments typically will consist of six parts. He used these terms to describe the items. Data: The facts or evidence used to prove the argument. Claim: The statement being argued (a thesis). Warrants: The

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